Gause Built Custom Fishing Boats

Gause Built Custom Fishing Boats

Gause Built Custom Boats builds custom fishing boats for discriminating anglers. This family business developed as a result of generations of the Gause family sport fishing, guide fishing and commercial fishing and the continuing search by the members of that family for the “perfect” boat. Years of modifying, improving and rebuilding a variety of fishing boats finally led to a decision to design and build a custom fishing boat for themselves which would satisfy all their requirements and be lacking in no essential detail.

Custom Built Fishing Boats, by definition, are built to a particular specification, and initially that specification was created by Robbie, David and Gunner Gause, as the boat was being built for their own use. Soon after they had completed that first boat they discovered that there were other anglers interested in owning a boat like this, and a decision was made to meet that demand. An integral part of that decision was to continue to strive for the “perfect” boat. Of course, what’s perfect for one client may not be perfect for the next. This meant that each boat would need to be built to satisfy the requirements of the individual client, rigged and outfitted so that, for that client, it was lacking in no essential detail.

Gause Built Custom Boats was established and production of a 26 foot custom fishing boat designed to float and run in less than a foot of water was begun. The boat was built with a tower, for better fishing visibility, a hull shape designed to promote a smooth, dry ride, a bait well integrated into the transom of the boat and many more features which the Gause Family had come to expect after many generations of fishing and using boats. Each and every boat was built for a particular client and the details of each build were decided with the client in order to create the “perfect” custom fishing boat for that particular client.

Over the years, a 23 foot boat was introduced, and later a 17 foot skiff. Each model reflects the commitment to design excellence, usability and beauty that Gause Built Custom Boats has become known for. And each boat continues to be built specifically for a particular client.

Over a decade ago, Gause Built Boats created one of the most innovative fishing boats available, …at the time. But that creativity and forward thinking didn’t stop there. It will always be a part of every single boat produced by Gause Built Boats in their continuing search for that “perfect” custom fishing boat.