Gause Built 17 Flats Skiff

for Super Skinny Water

The Gause Built 17 Flats skiff is the culmination of several years work to develop a small, shallow water skiff suitable for addition to the Gause Built Custom Boats line. The process started with a proven hull shape, with good ride characteristics, and an ability to get into very shallow water. That original design was then refined and improved to produce a small boat with the fit and finish typically found on much larger yachts. Each compartment door is beautifully finished, and every detail is classically designed and presented. Created with fishing in mind, but a desire to have a beautiful boat that’s easy to maintain, the Gause Built 17 is an absolute standout in the flats skiff market.

Gause Built 17 Flats skiff at speed

One of the early mandates for the Gause Built 17 was a comfortable, dry ride. Many of these shallow water boats become so focused on being the lightest boat for their size, that ride quality, and a dry ride, are often sacrificed. Not so with this flats skiff. A light weight structural inner liner stiffens the hull and deck. The hull, inner liner and deck cap are all fitted so precisely that each lends additional strength to the other, creating a light weight, but rigid structure that helps maintain a good ride, even in very choppy water. This is the key to to getting such a little skiff to ride like a much larger boat. Making the whole structure stiffer translates to a boat that will last longer, work better and punch through the chop like a much larger boat. Designing the three components to work together while keeping them very light in weight is what keeps it a great shallow water boat.

Fishing from the forward casting platform in very shallow water.

This flats skiff is available with a variety of options, and like all the Gause Built Boats, it’s built as a Custom, so bring any ideas you have and talk to David Gause about how to incorporate them. Currently available options include a very stable poling platform, a forward casting platform and running lights that are set flush into the front of that casting platform. The standard boat has multiple storage compartments, comfortable seating and plenty of stable deck space. You can also add a “Power-Pole” for quick, easy anchoring, and a Jack Plate to lift the motor for shallow water running. And, of course, a carbon fiber push pole and deck brackets are available so that you can make the most of the very shallow draft, and get into that skinny water where your favorite species hide.

Profile of Gause Built 17 flats skiff

If you are interested in a high quality, beautiful flats skiff, come see the Gause Built 17 for yourself. Better yet, come take a ride in one! You’ll find a boat with a level of finish second to none. A boat that allows you to access very shallow water, but one that gets you there in style and comfort. You’ll find a boat that is the creation of a fishing family, but a fishing family guided by a desire to create perfect fishing boats. Come experience what can be done when decades of fishing experience are combined with a burning desire to be simply the best. Come experience the Gause Built 17.